Training program description:

The training team at the Harvard Chan Bioinformatics Core provides bioinformatics training through both shorter workshops and longer in-depth courses. Our current workshops and courses are designed to help biologists become comfortable with using tools to analyse high-throughput data. We are slowly beginning to expand this repertoire to include training for researchers with more advanced bioinformatics skills.

No prior NGS or command line expertise is required for our workshops or courses unless explicitly stated.


Introduction to Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) analysis series:

The goal of these workshops (2-3 days) are to enable researchers to design their NGS studies appropriately and perform preliminary data analyses.

Training topic and link to lessons Prerequisites Workshop Duration
R and ggplot2 None 2 days
RNA-seq data analysis using High-Performance Computing None 2 - 3 days
R and Differential Gene Expression (DGE) analysis None 3 days
Differential Gene Expression (DGE) analysis R and ggplot2 1.5 days
ChIP-seq using High-Performance Computing None 3 days
Identifying variants in genome/exome sequencing data None In development

Current topics in bioinformatics series:

These short workshops (half-day or less) are designed to allow researchers, who have some familiarity with R or bash, to learn new tools and methods. Only a subset of the short workshops topics are listed and linked below, for the full list please click here.

Training topic and link to lessons Prerequisites
Introduction to R None
Plotting and visualization in R using ggplot2 Intro to R
Functional analysis of gene lists Intro to R
Reproducible research using R (Rmarkdown: report generation) Intro to R
Introduction to shell/bash None
Intermediate shell/bash Intro to shell
Accessing public data for genomics Intro to shell
Version control using Git and Github Intro to shell
Exploring genomic variants using GEMINI (In development) Intro to shell
Introduction to tidyverse R packages for data visualization (In development) Intro to R

In-Depth Next Generation Sequencing Analysis Course

This intensive course runs for between 8 to 12 days and is aimed at bench biologists interested in learning how to independently perform NGS data analyses using best practices. Topics include:

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