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Exercise #4

  1. Check if you have the tidyverse and pheatmap packages installed, if you don’t please install them using install.packages() before starting this exercise.
  2. Download the linked R script and save it within the rmd_workshop project directory.
  3. Download the linked RData object by right-clicking and save it to the data folder within the rmd_workshop project directory.
  4. Open the Rscript file, transform the R script into a RMarkdown file by clicking File -> Rename, and rename it as Rscript.Rmd.
  5. It now has the correct extension for an RMarkdown file, but you won’t be able to knit it as is. Add the following updates to be able to knit this file:
    • Add a basic YAML header at the top
    • Create an R chunk for all code underneath each # comment in the original R script
    • Comment on the plots (you may have to run the code from the R script to see the plots first)
    • Add a floating table of contents in the YAML header by referring to these instructions. YAML is fussy about indentations, make sure you are paying attention to it.
    • (Optional) If you would like to have a button that show/hide your code in the report, you can add an additional argument in the YAML header by referring to this instruction.
    • Add a code chunk with sessionInfo() at the end
  6. Knit the markdown
  7. Upload the new Rmd file and the HTML report to the Dropbox link on the schedule page.