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Introduction to Python


Python is a powerful open source programming language for many applications in bioinformatics. In this 3 hour, hands-on workshop, we will teach basic concepts in Python programming. These materials are developed for a trainer-led workshop aimed at beginners, but are also amenable to self-guided learning.


This workshop covers the fundamentals of Python, with the following learning objectives:

By the end of this workshop, students should be able to create Python scripts and perform some simple programming tasks.


To complete this workshop, you will need a computer and a Google account (to access Colab). There is no need to install Python or any other tool.

Who should take this beginner workshop?

You will find this workshop helpful, if you:

Note: while this course is developed with teaching life science researchers in mind, it can be used for/by students with any technical background.

Note: we might be developing advanced topics of Python based on general interest, so stay tuned!


Material for use during workshop - In-class version

Material for use post workshop - Post-class version